7 New Ways to Sell Your Home
Selling your home is a daunting process. Who wouldn't want to make it easier and less stressful? The order of the selling process isn't optimized for the seller. It's geared toward the agent getting the listing. If you are thinking about selling your home, the first thing to address is what needs to be repaired or replaced or updated. Here's a new way to think about the selling process: Step 1- Get a home inspection. Find out what needs to be done to the home before putting it on the market. When you have this knowledge, you can decide what you want to fix and what you are not. Step 2- Appraisal- Everyone thinks their home is worth more than the market will bear. Why not find out what a lending institution will loan a buyer to purchase YOUR HOME? Step 3- Home Stager- Now it's time to figure out how to prep your home so that it appeals to the widest range of buyers. Bella Casa Staging will come in and spend about an hour with you walking through your home and give you recommendations of what to remove, replace, paint and/or repair so that you get top dollar for your home. Step 4- Stage your property Step 5- Call a Realtor. Now that you know what needs to be repaired, how much a bank will loan a buyer AND the interior is merchandised like something out of a magazine, you are now ready to call the REALTOR. Step 6- Professional Photos. This is critical to presenting your home in the best light possible. The pictures of the home are the "hook" to get buyers to walk through your home. Step 7- Marketing- A good Realtor will have an outstanding marketing plan so that your home reaches the most buyers possible.